Poellinger, Inc. - Your Construction Specialists for Over 50 Years.Poellinger, Inc. - Your Construction Specialists for Over 50 Years.
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Chart Industries project published by the Steel Framing Industry Association

Poellinger, Inc. was pleased to work with Fowler & Hammer, Inc. and Construction Express, Inc. on a unique renovation project to help Chart Industries increase the energy-efficiency and appearance of their building. The project was featured in a recent case study published by the Steel Framing Industry Association.

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About Us

Family owned and operated...Poellinger Inc. was established as a plastering company in 1957 by John A. Poellinger. In 1966, the company incorporated in the state of Wisconsin as a union trade contractor.

In 1986, Mike Poellinger, son of John, joined the firm as a project manager and became actively involved in the direction of the company. In 1989, Mike was named General Manager. When John A. Poellinger announced his retirement in 1996, Mike Poellinger was named President of the company.  In 1999, Mike purchased Poellinger Inc. and he is currently the owner and president of the company.

Poellinger Inc. has a reputation for expertly combining old world techniques, such as plastering, with today's technological advances, such as exterior insulation finish systems.

Poellinger Inc. provides residential and commercial remodeling and new construction projects with lath, plaster, stucco, EIFS, light steel framing, drywall, fireproofing, sprayed acoustic systems, ceramic tile, quarry tile, carpet, wood and wood laminate flooring, and marble. Poellinger Inc. has been using environmentally friendly products and applications for decades and will continue to support advances in “green” building.

Poellinger Inc. is also a supplier of specialty products to the construction industry. We offer wholesale and retail sales of partition systems and construction materials, access panels, carpet and tile.

President Mike Poellinger "I am proud of the history of this company and our dedicated, skilled craftsmen," says President Mike Poellinger. "As the construction industry has changed over the years, Poellinger Inc. has changed as well, adding new skills and products. What remains consistent is our commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction."

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